How Does Pollution Affect Your Skin?

laser skin clinic - pollution a skin problem

Winter is one of the most frustrating times of the year when it comes to your skin, and why so many people take an extra trip to a laser skin clinic to get themselves in the right direction.

As temperatures drop, heating systems are turned on, many people drive to work when they might otherwise walk, and if they do take trips outside they are either beaten by rain or the absurdly low humidity of winter frost.

However, one of the biggest issues and hazards when it comes to your skin is not the wind, snow or rain, but instead the pollution from the ways we try to get out of it.

Pollutants, typically released by cars, construction sites, fires and other nearby industrial elements, are tiny little specks of acid, soot and smoke that can burrow deep into layers of the epidermis, causing inflammation, dehydration and a breakdown of collagen.

This leads to damage to the skin barrier, an increase in dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin and an increased risk of acne.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce its effects through simple, but effective changes in your regimen, prioritising certain products and aspects of your routine and keeping in touch with skin experts you trust.

The biggest step that people need to make is to get a great, mild cleanser that you are happy to use every day because the key is to get all of the grime and pollutants out without irritating the delicate skin barrier in the process.

As well as this, exfoliating with a gentle scrub more often can help, although it is important not to go so far that you hurt your skin in the process.

Opt for products with antioxidants to neutralise the free rascals that are often caused by pollutants in the skin.

Finally, make sure to wear sunscreen, even in winter, to protect from the increased risk of skin damage caused by pollution.