Why Cryo Fat Freezing Is The Final Fat Solution

Whether you prefer running in the hot sun or pouring rain (and this summer has brought lots of both), it is likely that your main aim for doing so is to burn off that awkward fat. The same will be true if you are heading down to the gym and dieting carefully.

However, whenever the rain finally relents and you can hit the beach again, you may find that no matter what you have managed to achieve in improving your general fitness, there could be a few awkward areas of fat that just won’t shift.

That is where a cryo fat freeze treatment can make all the difference. It gets rid of the most stubborn bits of fat by freezing the fat cells so they die. It requires several treatments to see the full effects, but it can ensure you shift the flab from some of the most persistent areas like your tummy or thighs.

It has the benefits of being non-surgical, works for people of any age, does not require long periods of recuperation, won’t damage skin or nerves, is permanent and is not painful. It all makes an effective alternative to liposuction.

There are some disadvantages, but they tend to focus on the fact that it is not suitable for large areas of fat. The very specific benefit of cryo fat freezing is the way it deals with persistent fat when you have done everything else to get in shape, so this point is not all that relevant.

Of course, no procedure is risk-free and one rare outcome is where the cells increase in size when frozen, instead of breaking down.

An unhappy customer who had this happen in treatment was former model Linda Evangelista. She claimed the procedure left her “brutally disfigured”, which is a bit hyperbolic; she hadn’t suddenly turned into Quasimodo. But it does go to show that nothing in life is certain.

Even so, for the vast majority of patients, this can be the fat buster that works when everything else doesn’t.