What Is Spider Vein Treatment And Who Needs It?

spider-vein-treatment - Sarah M

As men and women age, there are all sorts of skin blemishes they might get – from wrinkles to liver spots. 

Another common problem that many get as they become older is spider veins, otherwise known as thread veins, which is when blood vessels beneath the skin become damaged. 

Many can find them unsightly, as they are red, blue or purple and look like spider webs (hence the name). 

Although they often appear on legs, they can also develop on the face, which is why those who suffer from spider veins tend to want them removed as soon as possible. 

To get rid of them, laser treatment is the most effective spider vein remover


So how does it work?

Lasers are focused on the area, which encourages collagen production. This helps to repair the broken blood vessels. 

It is sensible to have the treatment as soon as possible, as thread veins worsen over time and can become larger and more visible. 

Patients might need a few sessions, each occurring every couple of weeks, to complete the course and remove the spider veins entirely. 

Although anyone can book in for spider vein removal, it is particularly popular among those who have broken blood vessels in obvious areas like their face, as they are more likely to be self-conscious of these. 

Women who want to be able to show off their legs for as long as possible might also opt for treatment, as their thread veins can make them want to cover up more. 

By getting these removed, their skin will appear clearer and less red. It will also have greater elasticity, thanks to the production of more collagen, which gives the illusion of younger-looking skin.