What Is Cryo Fat Freeze Treatment?

Most people have stubborn areas of fat they can’t get rid of, no matter how hard they try. That is where cryo fat freeze treatments come into their own, helping to shift fatty deposits in a non-invasive way. 


How does it work?

Cryolipolysis – or cryo, as it is otherwise known – works by using very low temperatures on the stubborn areas to freeze fat cells and, ultimately, kill them. These are then broken down, and eventually you’ll notice excess fat has disappeared from the targeted area. 


First non-invasive fat removal treatment

Unlike procedures like liposuction or surgeries, such as tummy tucks, cryo fat freezing is non-invasive, does not require anaesthesia, and does not involve knives. 

No recovery time is necessary, and no special diet or exercise regime is needed to achieve good results. In fact, fat loss can be seen in as little as three weeks, while one to three months is when results become clearly visible. 


Targeted fat loss

Some people have pockets of fat they can’t move, such as on their lower stomachs, double chins, or their love handles. They might have tried lots of diets and exercise training programmes, but sometimes no matter how lean or fit you are, these will remain. 

Cryo therapy can remove up to 40 per cent of fat cells in the targeted area, giving results that are hard to achieve any other way.