What Are Spider Veins And How Can They Be Removed?

spider vein treatment

Cosmetic treatment can often involve treatment on unsightly veins, which can not only look unpleasant themselves but be seen by others as a sign of ageing or poor health.

Varicose veins are a common example of this and spider veins are another. The latter doesn’t actually look like spiders, but rather spider webs, as they come in clusters and form web-like patterns. It is important to note they are not the same thing; varicose veins are larger and can be associated with symptoms such as swollen limbs.

Spider veins comprise tiny blood vessels that widen to cause notable red areas on the skin. Sometimes visible on fingers, they are most commonly seen on the face and as well as being unsightly, they can cause some discomfort, being sore or itchy. That means you could have reasons beyond mere appearance for applying spider vein remover treatment.

Causes range from skin conditions like rosacea and scleroderma to the effects of ageing, pregnancy or excess alcohol use. However, the biggest factor is genetics, with 90 per cent of cases running in the family. But once they are there, you may ask how they can be removed.

There is more than one way of dealing with spider veins. Scleropathy involves injections of an irritant into the affected area. This causes the veins to stick together and reduces blood flow to the area. Repeated treatments can cause the veins to shrink and even disappear completely. Closure system treatments work similarly.

Laser treatment is an alternative method. It is not invasive and involves burning up and clotting the vein. It is less effective, however, so its most effective use is on smaller spider veins that are close to the skin surface.

If you have spider veins or think you have, it is always wise to first see the experts and discuss treatment options. That way, you can be appropriately assessed first and be sure about what you are agreeing to, as well as confident that the procedure you undertake is the right one for you.