TikTok Users Swear Salt Water Helps Acne

It’s that time again to sift through the claims made by TikTok users and the abundant beauty tips being touted on the social media video-sharing app. It can be a goldmine for all manner of beauty info and can reveal some game-changing hacks to our beauty routines that can change our skin for the better.

However, for every good frozen cucumber beauty hack, there are a handful of bizarre trends, especially for belong to treat acne, that if not potentially dangerous, are not really so helpful.

The latest acne hack that some TikTokers are swearing by these days involves sea salt water, which they claim can be used to clear up acne when applied to the skin.

User @leacrylics shared a viral video in June stating that she began mixing sea salt that she purchased at a grocery store with water and spraying on her face every day to clear up a bad breakout after noticing that her skin improved following a trip to the beach

A second user, @aubyrnjadeart, took the advice and shared her own video a few weeks later claiming that, despite having acne for most of her life, spraying sea saltwater on her face twice a day for a certain period actually showed her promising results.

So does it work? According to experts, there’s no real data to support the claims, and while TikTok users claim to have noticed a difference and improvement to their skin, there are many more dermatologist-recommended acne treatments that are proved to be more effective and reliable.

Everyone’s skin is different, but it’s always more helpful to see a dermatologist or professional about your skin concerns than following a trend from social media.


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