Telltale Signs A Skincare Regime Is Not Working

Because everyone is unique, there is often no skincare routine that will work for everyone in between trips to a laser and skin clinic for more intense treatments.

Whilst most people’s skin and skincare needs fall into one of five different types, even within this scope people tend to react better or worse to certain types of skincare products than others.

Some need a simple regime with light products, whilst others need a more intense daily routine with careful layering, but even in both of these cases, our skin’s needs can shift and change with the seasons, with the environments we live and work in, as well as our age.

Sometimes this means that a skincare routine that worked amazingly for you before no longer is, and here are some early warning signs that this may be the case.


Your Skin Is Somehow Both Oily And Dry

Typically, oily skin and dry skin are opposite ends of the skin condition spectrum, but there are cases when you can have skin that feels dry and yet has that oily sheen.

This is often the result of skin being dehydrated, particularly in people with combination or oily skin, and the best solution is an intensive hydration treatment such as a serum, used both in the morning and at night until your skin returns to normal.


Your Skin Feels Tight And Sterile

It is a lie that “beauty is pain” and if you are using a product that causes you a painful, tight feeling, that is an exceptionally unsuitable sign.

Harsh cleansers are typically the culprit here, as they strip the natural protective oils from your skin and do more harm than good.


Redness, Itchiness And Irritation

Whilst these will be obvious signs that something is amiss, there is a thought on the same logic that a minty taste means fresh breath that stinging pain means that a treatment is effective.

Try a patch test before using a new product to avoid unnecessary pain.