How You Can Turn Back Time With Wrinkle-free Eyes

Lumi Eye treatment - skin aging

It is true what they say – your eyes are the biggest give away when it comes to revealing your age. You may be able to show off a body like JLo’s, but if you have wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around your eyes, you can kiss goodbye to a youthful appearance.

So concerned about keeping laughter lines at bay that many people opt for surgical procedures these days to iron out their wrinkles. However, these results are sometimes short-lived and still don’t eradicate the saggy, tired-looking skin underneath.

Another solution that is well worth trying, therefore, is a Lumi Eye treatment.

This non-invasive procedure involves injecting tissue stimulators around the eyes and the tear valley, which helps to boost production of elastin in the skin and restore DNA chains.

The product is based on PDRN polynucleotides made from purified salmon milk DNA, which stimulates the body to produce more collagen, regenerate fresh tissue and restore skin tone.

It doesn’t just smooth out wrinkles though, as it improves firmness, hydrates the area, and makes it look much healthier, getting rid of bags, puffiness, signs of tiredness and dark circles.

Results can be seen after just one treatment, although a course of three with a break of four weeks in between twice a year can really change your appearance and make you look younger and brighter.

The great news is that unlike surgical treatments, there is no recovery time with Lumi Eyes. Therefore, you can book an appointment at lunchtime and carry on with the rest of your day like you would normally.

As well as the great results, the ease and convenience of such a treatment is making it one of the most popular aesthetic procedures of the year.