Why Summer Is The Time To Get Rid Of Spider Veins

spider vein removal

Provided the weather plays ball, summer can be a great time to get outside, enjoy some sunshine and show off a bit of flesh, in a summer dress, shirts, or maybe even a swimsuit at the beach.

However, such moves come with an element of challenge for anyone with body image issues. Whether it is cellulite, an old scar, or unsightly veins, there are times when you may feel a bit reluctant to display too much skin.

In the latter case, spider veins can be a major concern and something you will be keen to do something about. The good news is you don’t have to cover them up, because there are spider vein removal methods available, not least laser treatments.

Despite the name, these are not actually veins at all, although the root causes can be similar to varicose veins, which are a different thing. Around half of women get spider veins, so you will be in good company.

Spider veins are caused by a range of possible things, including hormonal changes, injuries, genetic syndromes, or connective tissue diseases. All these lead to minor amounts of damage to small capillaries (blood vessels) that expand, leaving that familiar purple or red appearance on the surface.

The way laser treatment works is not by zapping these capillaries into oblivion like something out of Star Wars, but by stopping them as they are beginning to develop. This works by targeting vascular cells with a high-energy laser. The cells absorb them and produce collagen as a result.

Collagen helps repair the skin by increasing elasticity and thickening the skin, meaning the spider veins are no longer exposed and visible.

With this treatment, you can get rid of those spider veins and feel free to show off your legs and arms without feeling self-conscious this summer. All you will need is for the rain to stop and the sun to shine.