Why January Is A Great Time for Energy-Boosting Injections

vitamin B12 injection - happy woman

Lots of people start the new year with great intentions, whether they plan on a health kick or to quit a bad habit, but there is a reason why so many of us give up on our resolutions before the end of the month. 

In fact, one in five people fail to carry on with their new year’s resolutions past January, and it’s no surprise given that it is cold and dark, the joy of the festive season has come to an end, and everyone feels broke waiting for payday to come after an expensive December. 

Even without the post-Christmas blues, the frosty weather and dark mornings and afternoons can really deplete energy sources and make people feel lethargic and low. 

Many suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) due to the lack of natural daylight, which can make them feel depressed, less active and less able to concentrate. It also makes it harder to get up in the morning, they may sleep throughout the day, and are hungrier for energising carbs. 

A lack of vitamin D, which comes from sunlight, can also have health implications, including muscle and bone pain, muscle weakness, increased sensitivity to pain, depression and fatigue. 

Therefore, January is a great time to have energy-boosting injections, giving you the physical and mental boost you need to get you through these wintry months. 

Vitamin D jabs are ideal, as there is not enough sunlight outside, so you might need a supplement. They also help the body absorb other nutrients, such as calcium and phosphors for healthy muscles and bones. 

Vitamin B12 is a great shot if you want help with energy levels, mood balances, and cognitive function improvement. It also improves your metabolism, which can aid weight loss. 

It is also a good idea to get vitamin C boosts, as these are great for protecting cells, helping you have healthy skin and bones so you can continue to glow during the darker months.