Guinot Hydra Cellular Youth

Guinot Hydra Cellular Youth Purity & Moisturising Treatment

The Hydra Cellular Youth Facial Treatment

The Advanced Complexion Rejuvenating Treatment

Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy to increase the cellular energy in the skin, this truly unique, customised treatment beautifully enhances and spectacularly rejuvenates the complexion. With a variety of bespoke variations to suit your skin type and concerns, this treatment allows you to achieve exceptional, visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment.

Hydra Cellular Brightening: reduces the appearance of pigmentation on the skin and helps unify the complexion, revealing radiant, clear skin

Hydra Cellular Nutrition: to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it comfortable, soft and supple

Hydra Cellular Hydration: using Hyaluronic Acid and Guinot’s unique Hydrocyte Complex, water is retained within the skin’s cells leaving skin soft, hydrated and radiant

Hydra Cellular Soothing: redness fades, the complexion is unified and the skin is reinforced for better protection against the harmful effects of the environment

Hydra Cellular Purifying: rebalances sebum secretions and the microbial flora levels, which are often the cause of irritation and imperfections. Skin is visibly re-balanced, pores tightened and skin mattified.

To achieve quicker face-rejuvenating beauty results, Hydraderm Cellular Energy treatments are recommended to be taken once a week for three weeks.


£120 Per Session

£300 X 3 Sessions