Tips For Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Laser hair removal has long been one of the most popular cosmetic treatments out there, giving you the freedom to say goodbye to the hassle of shaving and waxing, ingrown hairs, shaving rash and irritating stubble, and hello to a world of smooth skin and confidence.

If you’re looking for laser hair removal, 3D-Trilogy ICE is the most advanced laser hair removal technology out there—it’s comfortable, effective and affordable. But while the treatment is a no-brainer, follow a few top tips from the experts for your aftercare to make sure you promote healthy skin healing:

  1. Apply a cool compress

Wet a clean, soft washcloth in cool water, and apply to the skin for a few minutes at a time—or wrap an ice pack in a towel and place on the area. Cool compresses also help to reduce any temporary swelling and discomfort, too.

  1. Stay out of the sun

Your skin will be sensitive after laser hair removal, so avoid direct sunlight for a month before the procedure, and for a month afterwards. After this time, make sure you wear sun lotion with an SPF every day.

  1. Avoid any immediate shaving

While laser hair removal is of course designed to replace shaving, it takes a course of treatments, so if you have hair growth after your first treatment, avoid the temptation to immediately shave any remaining hairs, particularly on skin that’s swollen, red or sore—these symptoms should  subside after a few hours.

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