Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Face, Jaw, Eye & Neck Lift & Tightening

Tighten Loose Skin Without the Need for Needles or Surgery

Radio Frequency treatment is an incredibly safe and effective treatment that is used in the treatment of loose skin and wrinkles and is incredibly beneficial for the eye and neck areas. There is no need for any anaesthesia to be used. The procedure is virtually painless for the client and perhaps most importantly there is no need for any downtime following a Radio Frequency procedure. Each treatment lasts just one hour and following a single session you could be on your way to tighter, firmer skin. We love this treatment at our London clinic and are always happy to see the smiles on client’s faces when they see the incredible results from radio frequency skin treatment.

What to expect from Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency delivers a constant and gradual energy to the skin. This has the effect of causing a build up of heat where the skin and fat layers come together. As the heat increases in the area being treated, the collagen bundles that are located deep inside the skin are modified by the application of the heat. This causes the collagen to contract, and over time this will help to stimulate the growth of new collagen. New collagen helps to make skin tighter and firmer.

The treatment begins with the application of a protective gel to the eye area. This may produce a warming sensation as the areas that are being treated are touched with the handpiece. Because no anaesthetic is used during the treatment you will be asked to describe the depth of any sensation that you feel to your therapist as they move the handpiece around your eye area.

The treatment can be performed on the eye area, the neck or both during the same session depending on your requirements.

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Face £100 x 1 Session
Eyes £80 x 1 Session
Face And Neck £120 x Session
Buy 5 Sessions And Get 1 Session Free