Hollywood Carbon Facial Treatment

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£120 with LED mask

Our Hollywood Carbon Laser Facial (also known as a Hollywood Carbon Peel) is a popular,facial favoured by numerous A-list celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. This pain-free, non-invasive treatment has no downtime, making it the ideal lunch-hour beauty fix. It balancing out skin tone and discoloration. It can be effective antidote for oily, spot-prone skin, as it shrinks sebaceous glands and eliminates bacteria responsible for spots.
Our Hollywood Carbon Facial involves the application of medical-grade liquid carbon to the face and neck. Your Aesthetic Practitioner then moves a laser device across the face which is drawn to and combusts the carbon particles on the skin’s surface along with dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria, intensively cleaning the skin. The laser also has a skin re-surfacing effect – vaporizing dull, damaged skin cells and encouraging new skin cells to form. Post-treatment
Skin looks comparatively glowing and healthy and improvement continues as your skin forms fresh new collagen.


Our Hollywood Carbon Peel is one of our most sought-after skin treatments at our Sarah M Aesthetic Clinic in Ealing, London . It offers multiple benefits of all ages, from teenagers through to young, middle-age (upto 35 Years).

Results you can expect:


The liquid carbon extracts dirt, oil and cellular debris from deep within the pores, which is vaporized by the laser as it targets the carbon particles, cleaning the skin thoroughly.


As the carbon pigment absorbs the laser’s light it gently yet effectively removes dead cells and impurities deep in the skin pores. Unclogging pores prevents further spots and blackheads forming and reduces the pore size, creating more refined, even-looking skin.


As the carbon particles penetrate the deeper dermis layer of skin, the laser’s heat follows stimulating new collagen formation, helping to plump out and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Less Breakouts:

The laser’s light emits heat destroying acne-causing bacteria and shrinking sebaceous glands, in turn reducing spot breakouts.(Mainly Works For Mild Break Outs Only)

Laser Photo Skin Rejuvenation

(Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scarring, Open Pores, Anti-Ageing)

Normal Price
1 x Session £150
3 x Sessions £350